Ianthe the Orc
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One or Two? [Ianthe/Farkas/Vilkas] 

Whiterun was always a pleasant place. Ianthe walked slowly, enjoying the far warmer weather. She had been there to give the court mage some sort of documents from Tolfdir regarding some discovery he had made. She hadn’t read the notes, it seemed rude. However, when she had got there, he was out so she had left them on his desk. She had lingered in the doorway, staring at the dragon’s head on the wall. It had made her slightly uncomfortable but she couldn’t help be fascinated. 

Outside, she had started to walk down the steps when she noticed Jorrvaskr beside the Gildergreen. The Companions had featured quite a bit in her historical research about the dragon war and even outside of it, they weren’t exactly to be messed with. 

She walked past the priest talking about Talos - the thought of what happened in Markarth still fresh in her mind. She looked around before heading towards the building. She had no intention of going inside but the building outside looked fascinating. She walked around the back of it, bumping into two Nords who…looked very much the same aside from a few differences.

"Oh, I’m sorry…I was just…admiring the building. I mean, if I’m not allowed to be here then I can…leave." she said nervously.

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    "Yeah. As if the gods suddenly decided we were living to comfortably and decided to fuck up our lives." Vilkas finished...